3 Benefits of a Mineral Bath

If you’ve ever enjoyed a nice, hot bath after a long, stressful day, you know just how beneficial it can be for relaxation and revitalization. While simply filling up your tub with warm water, lighting a few candles, and cuing relaxing music will work fine when it comes to bathtime, consider using herbal minerals in your regimen for added benefits. Check out these three advantages of taking herbal mineral baths.

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1.  Minerals offer therapeutic elements

Mineral baths are an accepted and acknowledged medical treatment in many places throughout the world. Different forms of water and different temperatures of water offer a wide range of benefits on different systems throughout the body. Therapeutic advantages include increased immunity, improved heart health, lower blood pressure, cleaner and softer skin, reduced stress levels, better cognitive function, boosted energy levels, healthier bones and muscles, and improved mood.

2.  It’s a healthy way to get back to neutral

There are more than 7.4 billion people on this earth and, thanks to the internet and our desire to be interconnected, it can be seemingly impossible to disconnect and find solitude. A mineral bath, however, is the perfect solution for finding the peace and quiet needed to regroup and decompress. With products like Nu Skin’s Herbal Mineral Bath, you can benefit from having a luxury bubble bath that relieves the effects of stress and fatigue and creates a soothing, relaxing, and revitalizing bath experience.


The more you’re able to relax and find peace and quiet, the more you’ll be able to understand your mind-body connection. This soothing, holistic practice enables you to keep a better balanced, happy, and healthy life.

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3.  There are an array of health benefits

Hydrotherapy has been used for a millennia to benefit a healthy body. Below are several benefits of taking a mineral bath.

  • A warm bath will make your heart beat faster to give you a healthy work out
  • Being immersed in mineral water will influence on your lung capacity and oxygen intake
  • Mineral bath water can reduce pain and inflammation to calm the nervous system
  • You can balance your hormones in mineral water
  • Warm mineral water helps to cleanse and moisturize your skin by opening your pores and causing you to sweat, which is your body’s natural way of cleaning itself

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