4 Top Reasons for Hair Loss in Men

The hair loss or male pattern baldness is a prominent cause of hair loss that a man can experience in the life due to the inherited characteristics of attributes from one generation to the next. According to scientist & Doctors, the Androgenic alopecia that is also known as the genetic hair loss can be accelerated by the disrupting behavior or habit for which you addicted to. So, it is very important to control further hair loss one should opt a balanced scheduling and take nutritious food and a daily exercise to flourish the healthy attitude towards life. Apart from the genetic baldness, there are many conditional and diseased causes of hair loss cases may occur in men that you must know in order to take the preventive measure and the chances of a major grade of baldness can be controlled if you take the right decision at the right time.

There are a number of factors that cause the problem of hair loss that a man can experience in their life, whether the cause is due to the underlying disease/health problem or habit that must be carefully understood by the hair loss patient if he is suspected for the Androgenic alopecia. The cure of hair loss/baldness permanently is only possible with the hair transplant procedure that facilitates the option of transferring the hair roots from the donor area into the recipient bald area in such a manner that the patient gets a head full of hair. The hair transplant in Delhi provides you with the option of the affordable cost of hair transplant along with the benefits of the best Surgeon and facilities on just half rate as compared to the cost applicable in the other city, state or country.

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The Underlying Causes of Hair Loss in Men are described below:

  1. Androgenic Alopecia: This is the genetic hair loss and the attributes of the same are transferred to the offspring from either parent. It has been scientifically proven out that if the patient is suspected to genetic baldness, then the symptoms of hair loss can start very early age that may extend up to a greater grade of baldness if preventive doesn’t apply. So, it’s advisable to consult your Doctor if you are prone to the risk of the Androgenic alopecia, which presents the male pattern baldness in at various grades of the NW class of hair loss.
  2. Autoimmune disorder: The autoimmune disorder is a condition in which body immune system doesn’t respond in the way, the way they should behave and mistakenly attacks the own Anagen hair follicle results in the severe hair loss. The hair loss due to the autoimmune disorder is known as the alopecia aerate. The Alopecia areata is contagious and a risk factor can include the family history. The sign and symptoms of Alopecia areata seen as a spot baldness on the scalp or all over the body.
  3. Telogen Effluvium: The Telogen effluvium is a condition of hair loss, which occurs due to the early entry of hair in the Telogen stage of the hair growth cycle. The Telogen stage is also known as the resting phase of hair follicles in which hair growth stopped and hair rests for a certain period. The emotions or a psychological factor are responsible for the Telogen effluvium that causes a complex stress situation for a person, which alters the normal hair growth cycle and Telogen stage starts abruptly. This condition can arise due to the excess release of stress hormone in the body due to a prolonged stress condition such as a relationship break-up, separation with loved one or death in a family.
  4. Fungal infection: The most common cause of hair loss among teen boys is the fungal infection, which is also known as the ringworm of the scalp infection. However, once you begin to notice a large amount of hair shedding, it is better to consult with the Doctor to control the further hair loss by opting the preventive measure.


Summarizing all, we can say that the problem of hair loss may be a common case among the masses, but the causes are complex and must be evaluated as according to the state of hair loss. The procedure of hair transplant itself needs a careful decision and a pre-procedure planning in order to meet the best cosmetic goal of the procedure and hence it is required to get a proper pre-procedure consultation to avoid the chances of any misshaping.

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