A Beauty Trolley is a Must-Have in Any Salon

Working as a stylist in a beauty salon means that you absolutely need a beauty trolley. Moving from work space to work space if necessary is so much easier when you have all of your essential products and tools on a rolling cart. A beauty trolley makes your work more efficient and organized, which helps you to please your customers and do your job in the best way possible.

Our 3-tier beauty trolley comes in a white and chrome finish, which complements the décor of any beauty salon. It features one drawer and two shelves, making it simple to organize your work materials neatly and so that they are easy to reach while you’re working. The drawer is on top, so you can easily reach scissors, combs, or clips you place in it while you’re working.

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The frame is on castors, making it easy to move around a room or building if you need to switch work spaces. It is 80 cm x 46 cm x 33 cm, which makes it small enough to fit in just about any space but large enough to hold what you need it to. It weighs 31.4 kg, so it is not likely to go rolling around the salon at the slightest gust of wind when the door opens.

Our other trolley features two shelves and two drawers. It also comes in a white and chrome finish with a mag lamp mount. The top of the drawers serve as shelves, doubling your work and storage space. The shelves have chrome rails that keep your belongings from falling off when the cart is moved.  It is on castors so it is easy to move around, and its size is 79 cm x 59 cm x 41 cm. The space available above the bottom shelf for you to store taller products and tools is 38 cm.

To quickly and effectively style hair or do fantastic make-up on your clients, a beauty trolley is essential. You can store your materials and tools in an organized way so you can easily get to them whenever you need them. If you move between different workspaces, a trolley is also helpful in transporting everything you need. Your clients will thank you for being prepared to help them look and feel their best when you use a beauty trolley to store the tools of your trade.


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