Avoid the too Saucy barbecue decatur alabama

When it comes to spices and sauces, you can be really demanding. And why not? When you are visiting a restaurant, you would like to taste each dish in their best-cooked format. There is no use of paying money for a recipe which you can prepare yourself better at your home. There must be something special about the food joints which will keep on pulling you back to taste more and more of the signature dishes. With a really good barbecue joint around your home, you would simply love to go and order the barbecue instead of taking all the stress of grilling the chicken at home.

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The saucy story

Every individual has their way of eating the food. For many, barbecue meat is not complete unless there is the thick spread of barbecue sauce on the dish. But that is precisely what you don’t like. The whole point of having the barbecue is to taste the smoky chicken with the tinge of spices. Drowning the meat in the barbecue sauce is more of a crime. Of course, the cooks do use the sauce, but that’s only to make the chicken juicy enough. But too much usage of the sauce will mar the grilled feel of the item.

Coleslaw to enhance the taste

You cannot imagine trying the barbecue decatur alabama without the Cole slaw. But it’s extremely necessary that the chef keeps the cabbage crispy yet tender. Too much of crispiness tends to ruin the original taste of the vegetable. Besides, as it complements the grilled meat, it should also have that smoky yet raw taste to bring out the essence of the flavors. The proper preparations will never come with lots of mayonnaise as it will make the meat too runny. The gravy feeling will never be welcome for the barbecue delicacies,


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