Benefits of Post Cycle Therapy

If you have finished your cycle of steroids and are proud of the results you’ve achieved so far, then you need post cycle therapy to maintain both health and muscle gains. Without PCT you can end up with common adverse effects associated with recoveries such as lethargy, belly fat, depression, high blood pressure and hormonal imbalance. Whether you prefer to use androgenic or anabolic steroid cycles; here are the benefits of PCT.

Balances testosterone production

While steroid has immense benefits such as adding bulk, enhancing muscle strength and improving healing rate; it suppresses your body’s ability to produce natural hormones like Luteinizing hormone, testosterone, and follicle stimulating hormones. Depending on how long your cycle was, it can take up to a year to start producing the right levels of these hormones. Furthermore, the overall balance of other hormones will be thrown off.

Post cycle therapy works to stimulate the production of natural hormones especially testosterone. It also helps you overcome any negative side effects that can occur due to hormonal imbalance and after a steroid cycle. Although different PCT drugs restore hormones through a different mechanism, PCT functions to inhibit production of estrogen and to enhance testosterone production from the testes.

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Prevents unwanted body changes

When a bodybuilder or athlete discontinues the steroid cycle, the high amounts of progesterone and estrogen levels can cause adverse changes in water retention. Since estrogen hormone is associated with female body changes, it can cause psychological unrest, enlarged breasts (man boobs), erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, loss of muscle tissue, fat deposit around the waist and mood swings.

PCT counteracts the estrogen side effects and also speed up recovery time. By stabilizing hormones at a faster pace, PCT reduces the catabolic time lag and eradicates the need to have muscle mass wastage. The recovery period will depend on how long the user was on steroids and their strength. However, with the help of post cycle therapy, the gains of the steroid cycles will be maintained, and the body will be healthy due to hormonal balance. For more information on high-grade PCT visit

How Post Cycle Therapy works

The ideal supplements will make PCT beneficial to your body, easy to follow and result in desired end goals. PCT works through two phases: boosting testosterone and controlling estrogen levels. Regulating estrogen production prevents aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. Aromatization occurs naturally in the female body as a way of maintaining temperature, body mass and hormones.

The PCT drugs help the testes to return to standard size and boosts its functions. Once, the testes start functioning at normal levels; the therapy can be stopped to allow the body to return to normal function. The PCT will only be effective when the user is done with the steroid cycle.

While the functions of PCT became popular during the 1900s, today its usage has increased, and its benefits cannot be ignored. PCT supplements repair and amplify testosterone production, counteract estrogen, balances hormones and maintain overall health.


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