Can Erectile Dysfunction Affect Male Fertility?

Unhealthy life choices and a number of ailments may result in erectile dysfunction. It causes lots of psychological issues and worries in any man who suffers it but does it have any influence on male fertility? This question worries lots of ED patients. Luckily, there are preparations, which may help you to feel strong and healthy again. One of the best and the most effective drugs offered by is generic Levitra.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or, in other words, impotence is described as inability to cause and sustain erection strong enough for sexual intercourse. The statistics says that one in ten men experiences troubles with erection, yet 20% of them don’t need any special treatment.

What is male infertility and what causes it?

Thousands of couples around the world undergo serious trials on the way to becoming parents. To fertilize a woman men’s sex cells (spermatozoids) have to meet women’s sex cells (the ovum). If this process for some reasons fails on the men’s side, we may speak of male infertility. In 35% of couples experiencing troubles with fertilization the reason hides in man’s health and in 10% both partners have some issues with their reproductive system.

The reasons of infertility may be different:

  • Problems with sperm production (e.g. varicocele);
  • Issues with sperm transportation (e.g. inflammation of prostate);
  • Poor quality or quantity of sperm (e.g. low sperm motility);
  • Sexual dysfunctions (erectile dysfunction, inability to ejaculate);
  • Problems developed because of hormonal changes.

How are erectile dysfunction and fertility issues connected?

Impotence may become the reason of male infertility due to lack of possibility to transport the semen to the vagina and hence to the ovum. If one cannot get the erection to perform the intercourse or he fails to keep the penis erected to reach the climax, then there is no possibility for spermatozoids to reach the ovum and, consequently, fertilization cannot take place.

Nevertheless, we cannot say that erectile dysfunction is among the leading reasons of male infertility as it affects only one in one hundred couples. Besides, the solution of such problems is comparatively easy: one may reach a strong and lasting erection by taking Levitra 40mg or other special drugs for erectile dysfunction.

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