Can Topical Cannabis Treatments Help Skin Conditions?

Marijuana has been hailed the as the answer to many medical problems ranging from anxiety and stress, to chronic pain and cancer. Attention has now turned to Eczema, with many researchers saying that cannabis can help this skin condition, and many others such as Psoriasis.

What is Eczema?

Many people will have heard of the skin condition Eczema, but won’t know exactly what it is. It can actually refer to a number of varying skin irritations. Each of these irritations however is characterized by itchy dry skin, which can make the sufferers life quite uncomfortable. Typically, these dry skin rashes can occur anywhere on the body, but often the Eczema appears on the face, around the elbows and knees, aswell as on outer extremities such as the hands and feet. Those with the most severe Eczema often have blisters and bleeding from these dry, itchy patches which can be incredibly painful. Traditional treatment is given in the form of steroids, which are applied topically, but many Eczema sufferers have reported side effects as varied as acne, atrophy and even hyperglycaemia.

How can Cannabis help?

The skin contains a vast number of immune cells, which help the body repair any wounds. Cannabis is actually able to interact with these immune cells. When applied to the skin, the cannabis is able to bind to certain immune receptor cells. The cannabis is able to reduce the inflammatory response that these immune cells often produce when Eczema strikes, reducing the likelihood of these patches of dry, itchy skin from forming. Cannabis is a great way to reduce the inflammatory response on the user’s skin, as it doesn’t produce the negative side effects that many topical steroids produce. Many people say that the side effects that their Eczema treatment comes with is often worse than the skin condition itself, so I can see why cannabis treatments would be so appealing.

Cannabis can also be used as a salve in order to sooth the Eczema sufferer’s skin. Cannabis contains hydrating oils which could be very beneficial in treating skin that has already broken out into a patch of dry, itchy skin. These cannabis products can often be made at home, as cannabis topical treatments that come pre-made can be quite expensive. There are numerous recipes for Cannabis Coconut Oil which you can try to help sooth your Eczema.

You may wish to try activated cannabis as well. This is cannabis that has been heated and has been changed to an acid in form to make it psychoactive. This may sound scary, but it does work rather well. You may wish to consider cannabis topicals that contain THC and CBD. Don’t worry though, using cannabis topical treatments for Eczema won’t get you high! It will just provide you with relief from your suffering. We hope you find success in using Cannabis for Eczema, whether you use cannabis treatments or not. Good luck!

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