Can Varicose Vein Treatment Take Away the Leg Swelling?

People get varicose vein treatment for all sorts of reasons. Some get it for cosmetic reasons while others get it for serious medical conditions. Leg swelling, a primary symptom of varicose veins, is a common complaint that people tend to post pone talking to their doctor about. They may think, “Oh, I’m just working too hard or I’m standing too long.” They may think that it’s a sign they’re growing older and accept it. They may assume too that they’re eating too much salty pizza and scarfing down too many salted nuts or chips. They may think, “Oh, I just need to go on a diet or watch what I eat more.”

As varicose vein treatment has been talked about more in the news, people are beginning to realize that their leg swelling may have something to do with their veins not functioning properly. This is absolutely true. Leg swelling may absolutely have something to do with abnormal veins, especially if you see visible signs of varicose veins on your legs. However, leg swelling can also be a symptom of lymphedema where the lymph nodes to not function properly and water accumulates. We should also point out that leg swelling may result from varicose veins that cannot be seen because they’re deep down in the legs, when you may need varicose vein treatment the most.

Leg swelling can also occur in people who have an underlying cardiovascular disease that causes fluid retention. In fact, a cardiovascular disease can actually cause varicose veins AND lymphedema at the same time! There are also other medical conditions, like certain types of inflammation or kidney disease, that can cause leg swelling. And… while we hate to be the bearer of bad news, too much pizza and other salty foods CAN in fact cause temporary leg swelling. However, if you’re getting swollen legs all the time, even when you’re eating healthy, it may be time to consider getting evaluated for varicose vein treatment.

The truth is if your legs are swelling, the only way you can know for sure if this is caused by varicose veins is to get yourself tested at a specialized vein clinic like Metro Vein Centers. Special equipment, as well as specialized training, is required to look inside your legs and see what’s causing your leg swelling. Metro Vein Centers and other vein centers use a modern technology called duplex ultrasound that allows them to examine in detail the structure of your veins, both inside and out. They’ll be able to see if there is any physical damage on the walls of your veins, if any clots are forming, and if the vein values that prevent the back flow of blood are working properly.

During your examination, vein doctors can also actually see the blood flowing inside your legs in real time to determine if your blood is moving through your veins normally. If you ask nicely, they can show you too and it’s a very cool thing to actually see! It’s as cool as watching your own heart beat, an Edgar Allan Poe moment to say the least. Don’t worry, there are no needles or other scary medical devices involved. If you’ve ever seen a pregnant lady have warm gel put on her belly, and then the ultrasound device run over her skin, it’s a similar sensation to that.

Leg swelling is one of those disease symptoms that can creep up on you in a rather insidious way. It can happen so gradually that you don’t even realize how bad it has actually gotten. Some people adapt and just “learn to live with it” without noticing that it is a major problem causing them constant pain and misery. If you have restless leg syndrome at night or you have trouble falling asleep due to pain in your legs, your leg swelling has probably progressed to the point that you may need varicose vein treatment.

Sometimes too, leg swelling due to varicose veins, can make us more lazy without even noticing. Perhaps we don’t really feel like taking that sunset walk with our significant other. Perhaps when the kids or grandkids are begging to go play ball, we suggest we’ll simply watch the fun rather than join in. Perhaps when the dog wants to walk further down the trail, we cut the walk short instead. Varicose vein treatment can and has changed all that for many people who hadn’t even realized before the treatment how much their leg swelling was affecting their lives. We hope it will do the same for you if you get it checked and you determine varicose veins are the cause of your leg swelling.

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