Guide to Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

The fact is that keeping your teeth healthy is the goal of the Eau Claire dentist. Ultimately, it should be your goal too. A general dentistry believes in partnering with all patients with a goal to provide optimal oral care and dental care for kids to older adults. A general dentistry specializes in working with patients of all ages. Therefore, it is important to provide a wide variety of services that might include basic dentistry treatments to specializations like teeth whitening, bonding, bridges, crowns, implants, and more. However, all effective dental treatments begin with good oral hygiene, which is the key to keeping your teeth healthy in the long run.

Why Good Oral Hygiene Is Vital

First, it is important to realize that good oral hygiene is important for your teeth and overall health. We know the consequences of bad oral hygiene. Ultimately, bad oral hygiene leads to a buildup of plaque on the teeth, tooth decay, yellowing teeth, gum disease, and bad breath. Good oral hygiene keeps your teeth clean, keeps your breath fresh, your gums pink and healthy.

A Proper Toothbrush

It pays dividends in good healthy teeth and a healthy smile to always brush with a proper toothbrush that is in good condition. Throw away any toothbrush that has seen better days or is worn out. Generally, a toothbrush is good for about 3 to 4 months. Take good care of your toothbrush by rinsing thoroughly after every use. Place the toothbrush in a holder that is upright. This will allow the toothbrush to dry properly and not attract bacteria.

Brush Your Tongue

It is amazing the number of people that do not think brushing their tongue is all that important. The fact is that bacteria might easily build up on the tongue and cause bad breath. Take a few minutes to brush the tongue, after brushing your teeth. There are also toothbrushes that are equipped with a device to brush the tongue. These make brushing your teeth and tongue an easy task.

Consult With Your Dentist

Your dentist is your partner in keeping your teeth healthy and preserving that beautiful smile. Plan regular visits to your dentist. At least twice per year. Consult with your dentist about any concerns that you might have about your teeth, before problems start to escalate. Some people assume that they are brushing and flossing properly. In fact, they are not. Don’t be embarrassed to ask your dentist to demonstrate the proper way to brush your teeth, brush your tongue, and to floss.

Teeth Health

The fact is that poor dental health might be due to the beverages that you drink, or even smoking cigarettes. It is important to realize that drinking sugary juices and soft drinks might lead to tooth decay. Certainly, smoking destroys the enamel on your teeth and leads to yellowing. Here is an idea. Keep the enamel on your teeth strong by using a toothpaste that includes fluoride. Always rinse after brushing too.

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