Healthy homemade beauty product recipes

Most ladies always want to lay their hands on expensive beauty products but it’s so disappointing that if care is not taken, they might end up purchasing products which could be harmful to their body.  Beauty products and Cosmetics are a vivid source of exposing chemicals for many people. A normal beauty product contains plenty of toxic chemicals, most of which have not even been tested for humans’ safety. Nevertheless, there are other natural alternatives for every beauty product and most tend to give better results than the chemical substitutes. Since I produce many beauty products, I keep a load of these ingredients at hand. Purchasing large organic products can be expensive but it could still be used for many recipes. I request these products at least once a year and I have a smooth, healthy skin all year!

Below is a list of recipes I compiled for healthy homemade products:

Shea Butter

This is a natural beauty ingredient apart from coconut oil. Unrefined Organic Shea butter is naturally nutty, it has an earthy smell (very tender) and it is a recipe for a healthy homemade product which incredibly nourishes the skin! I have once been aware of an adult (a lady) who cleared all her stretch marks with the help of Shea butter and mixture of coconut oil.

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It possesses antibacterial properties and it’s effective for preventing stretch marks, for wound healing, and act as an anti-aging remedy for the skin.

Coconut Oil

To start with, you could get a nice coconut oil and make sure it’s of better quality (as for me I use the “gold label” coconut oil. I also recommend this oil for you as you can tell the uniqueness from its taste and quality. However, it is advisable you buy in bulk to save cost, and since it’s a cooking ingredient and it also works as a perfect skin lotion, it never wastes. However, you could also get it in smaller quantities.

Though we use unrefined, organic product “coconut oil” in cooking, but a low-cost expeller pressed oil could be used in beauty products to save costs (moreover when you order in bulk, you still get the better stuff cheaper than the expeller pressed on the long run!).

Nevertheless, for those allergic to coconut, grass-fed organic beef tallow is an organic product that could also be used, and it is good for the skin, however, adding essential oils will cover the mild scent. The coconut oil is a common healthy homemade product recipe which is very accessible and could be used without regrets.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a kind of butter and a great ingredient for natural beauty therapy. It releases a sweet chocolate scent, and I love it when mixed with citrus bars lotion, face cream or even mint. It can be used in place of Shea Butter.

Liquid Carrier Oil

Recipes like baby oil, smoother lotions and after-shave balms always required being thinner than coconut oil and in this situation; I make use of liquid carrier oil. Often, I use olive oil or almond oil (my favorite). Apricot Kernel has the gentlest scent and almond oil is relatively unscented. Olive oil is basically least costly if you don’t mind perceiving the olive scent in your recipes.

Other organic products which could be added to the above recipes include the following:

  • Baking Soda: For deodorant
  • Coconut Milk: for homemade shampoo
  • Dried herbs: especially calendula and chamomile for skin recipes
  • Sugar: Not for consumption but useful for sugar scrubs!
  • And also, Salt: For hairspray

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