How does a sperm analysis differ from other male infertility analysis?

As you can see that there is a trend that individuals are delaying their child birth in order to achieve their career and financial goals. As a result, the couples are facing questions and concerns related to their infertility. When these concerns occur then there is a demand to evaluate the fertility components of females only. Both egg and sperm are responsible in the formation of a baby. So, with the testing of female fertility, the sperm analysis of males should also be done simultaneously. In sperm analysis, the observation of male fertility is done whether those seeking for pregnancy or the verification of vasectomy. There are many tests which are different from semen analysis, this includes Male Fertility Physical Exam; in this the doctor observe the lifestyle of men, diet and daily exercise routine. In this test you have to answer all the questions honestly in order to diagnose the problem. Testicular mapping is also done to find the sperm count in testicles of men. Genetic tests are also done to find the quality and quantity of the sperm because it may be genetic disorder also.

Abnormalities detected in sperm analysis

  • Aspermia: Absence of semen.
  • Tetratozoospermia: In this the sperm carries more morphological defects than usual.
  • Hypospermia: This occurs when there is low semen volume.

There are also many hospitals and institutes who offers Artificial Insemination. You can visit Bloom Reproductive Institute for assistance.

Parameters measured in semen analysis

Semen analysis easily helps in determining the infertility issues, the extent of infertility and the potentials of infertility in men. There are many parameters on which the sperm is analyzed. The points which are observed during the analysis are:

Sperm count: Higher the sperm count, higher is the possibility of fertilization

Semen volume: Ejaculation in more quantity increases the chances of presence of healthy sperms. Thus, it helps you to have improved rate of fertility.

Motility: It is an important consideration to determine the penetration of the sperm into the matrix so that it can hit the eggs to fertilize. If the mortality rate of the sperms is low then the sperms are microinjected into the eggs for fertilization to cause pregnancy. This is done through artificial insemination.

Morphology: This type of testing is done to determine the functional problem in the sperm. Various types of morphological characteristics are analyzed in this type of sperm testing. Thus, a suitable treatment can be provided to you.

In order to prevent these types of deformities you should exercise daily. Intake of food rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin D will help you in maintaining better sperm count. Fenugreek and Zinc supplements will lower down the risk of impotency. Some types of medications and surgical treatments are also there which help in treating the infertility due to sperm related problems.

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