How To Perform a Cardio Boxing Workout

There are many types of workouts that personal trainers need to be able to perform and teach properly. Among them, cardio boxing is one of the best physical workouts that can burn calories and build muscle while providing a high impact workout that many clients can see amazing results from. Some of these workouts are taught in OriGym personal trainer courses so trainers can teach them to their clients.

With cardio boxing, you can get various benefits, such as increased coordination, speed, strength and stamina. Cardio boxing promotes your well-being as well as improving your self-discipline. The usual cardio workout consists of maintaining a constant heart rate, which is 10 minutes for beginners or 20 minutes for more advanced training.

Heart Rate

The way to understand the ideal heart rate per minute is by using this calculation. Deduct your client’s age from 220, so suppose their age is 40, then you get 180. This means that their resting heart rate is 50 percent of 180, which is 90bpm. If you are a beginner, you should slowly work your way up to 70 percent of 180 or 126bpm. Beginners should start with no more than 10 minutes and after their body is fully conditioned, they can slowly work their way up to 70 percent. Occasionally, advanced trainees could go up to 80 percent.

Cardio Boxing Workout

When doing cardio boxing, it is important for you to get into a proper boxing stance. The stance can be modified, depending whether you are right or left handed. If you are right handed, you need to stand with both feet shoulder width apart and the left front in front. Raise your right heel slightly and the left foot is flat on the floor. Make sure that all toes point ahead and balance your weight evenly and comfortably. Bend both of your knees a little and both elbows should be placed close to your body. Hold your left fist at head height and it needs to correspond to you left food. The right fist guards the chin and is at head height. Use both fists as if you are protecting your chin and your elbows protect your body.

You will then begin to strike the bag using a combination of punches that correspond to the client’s particular workout. After throwing punches, you should return to this stance. You can move forward by maintaining this stance. To do this, you need to move forward your left foot first and then the right foot can follow. If you are left handed, you should reverse the above stance.

Do rapid successions of jabs, hooks and undercuts. Stop after 10 minutes and measure your heart rate. However, if your heart rate almost approaches 70 percent, you should rest for a while. But if your body is well conditioned, you can maintain bpm at 70 percent for 20 minutes. Be sure to change up the sequence for your clients so they can get the greatest benefit from the workout.

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