Madhumita’s Kidney Disease Can Only Be Treated With Crowdfunded Treatment Costs

While organ failure must be categorized as massively painful and difficult illnesses, medical science is marching on in great leaps and bounds and is bringing back many patients of organ failure into the mainstream of a healthy life. Transplant surgeries are one way of doing this, and more and more of these operations are being done on patients every year to help them lead healthy and useful postoperative lives.

Of all kinds of organ failure, chronic kidney disease is perhaps the easiest to manage. Chronic kidney ailments entail a lot of discomfort and pain for the patient, including symptoms like lower back and leg pain, intense and persistent nausea, low grade fever, and difficulty with urination, etc. Yet if the problem is identified at an early stage and medical intervention is sought at this stage, an interim solution for excretory purposes can be found in dialysis cycles. If all else fails, the nephrologist will recommend a kidney transplantation surgery. This is where the problem of funds comes in, because many Indian families (who have neither health insurance or a tidy bank of savings) simply cannot afford the expenses surrounding the operation, and even buying costly medication for their sick loved one, paying doctors’ consultation fees and meeting hospital bills. Madhumita Das’s family found themselves in this position, when the 31 year old woman was told by her doctor that a kidney transplant is her only hope at a lasting cure for the chronic kidney troubles she has been handling bravely for over five year now.

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In desperation and clinging on to a last shred of hope, Madhumita’s brother Bandhan began a crowdfunding India campaign on medical crowdfunding platform Impact Guru’s website. He was coached through the crowdfunding process by his dedicated Impact Guru campaign manager. Bandhan set a target of six lakh rupees. Then he began to share his sister’s story on social media. He included important details of how the family would utilize funds raised, and populated his fundraiser microsite with photos and a simple call to action. And slowly but surely, funds have started pouring in through crowdfunding, with nearly thirty thousand rupees already raised in just over a week. We wish Madhumita the best on her journey back to health.

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