Running with Proper Form and Technique: A Guide

Running becomes challenging because you don’t do it regularly. Might be you can’t make out time or you are too lazy. But it can be exciting and enjoying if you start running regularly. You should also know the proper form and technique of running to enjoy it more.

If you watch a group of people running, you will notice they all have different styles. So, if you try to pick one correct style, there is none, but you can fine-tune the technique of your run. Whether you are an experienced runner or a novice, everyone has the scope of fine-tuning their running style.

You should understand the basics of proper breathing, foot strike and posture, with the correction and perfection of them, you will decrease the risk of injuries.

Following is the form and technique guide for proper running:

  • You should hold your head high, centered between your shoulders, and keep your back straight. Try to avoid leaning your head forward too much. This can make your neck tightness, fatigue, also shoulder tightness. Your eyes should be looking forward at 30 to 40 yards in forward direction. Looking down may strain your neck muscle and spine. Your jaw and neck should be relaxed, parallel to the ground.
  • Cup your hands lightly. Don’t make them stiff or tight. Keep your waist loose too, which will help to maintain a good hand and shoulder position. Elbows should be bend at around 90 degrees. If you put your arms to high, it might lead to fatigue.
  • Breathing technique, let your body make that for you. Don’t force for any type of breathing, your body is equipped to do that for you which would best suit the need of your body.
  • Don’t stride your front foot too much when you run, that will disbalance you. Don’t try to over push your legs.

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