Signs That You Need To Get Professional Weight Loss Help

With the costs of gym memberships and diet food deliveries, it’s normal to say, “I’d rather do this my way.” However, there are times when a professional weight loss help is beneficial and, in some cases, highly necessary.

Here are the signs you may need to get professional weight loss help you get rid of the extra pounds:

1. You’re morbidly obese.

A person is considered morbidly obese when the body mass index is 40 or more, or when he weighs at least a hundred pounds more than his ideal. The biggest problem with morbid obesity is its association with serious, chronic, and life-threatening diseases. It is a risk factor for heart disorders, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

2. You are having a hard time losing the excess weight.

Many obese patients lose weight very fast during the early stages of exercise and diet. It’s normal since there’s a lot of calories to burn. At some point, though, one will reach a plateau. It’s a phase where none of the usual weight loss techniques work.

There are also some people who just can’t get rid of the excess weight regardless of the diet and exercise. For them, one of the ideal options is a professional weight loss help including a gastric bypass. This safe surgical procedure can help reduce up to 60 percent of the excess weight.

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3. You’re doing things wrong.

While diet and exercise remain to be the hallmark solutions for weight loss, the exact techniques can vary from person to person. Moreover, with your limited knowledge on nutrition and fitness, you may be short-changing yourself in the process. For example, in an effort to cut back on calories, you’re not eating enough protein, which is necessary for building muscles. Muscles burn more calories than fat.

A weight loss professional can give you not only the guidance but a customized treatment plan.

4. You can’t sustain the weight loss.

You may have already lost weight only to get everything back. In many situations, you weigh more than before.

There are reasons why you are not able to sustain the momentum. It could be you lack the time or the motivation. You may be under a lot of stress your health takes a backseat. You may have become complacent with the results or frustrated with seeing very minimal effects.

A weight loss professional can monitor your progress and create a plan that fits your personality, budget, and need. In the end, there’s no excuse why you cannot sustain it.

5. You have an underlying condition.

Weight loss solutions are not straightforward. Complicating things are possible health conditions that may be causing or worsening the weight gain. These include hormone imbalances, insulin resistance, or depression.

Your treatment requires an intricate understanding on your health, the effects of weight loss to your overall well-being, and options that can bring down the weight without worsening your existing condition.

Don’t be afraid to get professional weight loss help when you need one. Who knows, working with a professional weight loss help may be a matter of life and death for you. It could also be key to a longer, better quality life ahead. See for more info.
Been exercising and trying different diets but you still don’t lose weight? Perhaps it’s time to get professional weight loss help.

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