The Capabilities of Elderly Care

There are many different facilities with a wide variety of different services to assist the elderly in the UK. From private care homes in Walsall to nursing homes in Liverpool, some facilities can only do so much it is important that you do not allow your parent or loved one to stay beyond the capabilities of the facility. The care facility should tell you if your parent is beyond their scope of help but many times they allow them to stay to make more money and your parent is left neglected and humiliated more often than not.

Not all care providers do a bad job. There are several care homes with ‘Outstanding’ results from their CQC inspection, that have things in order both professionally, legally and ethically. Because there is not a set type of design for an elderly care facility like there would be for a hospital or nursing home you end up with facilities out there that struggle to keep up with the elderly resident’s medical needs and problems.

There are facilities that are small enough to be able to monitor and take care of your loved one without a problem. If your parent is beyond being able to be taken care of at an assisted living facility it is up to you to make that judgment call and instead place them in a care home. There are many nursing homes that are not much fun for the elderly but there are some out there that have activities, games, and social activities very similar to a retirement community.

A typical setup in an assisted living facility is a one room apartment. A retirement community that basically offers no medical assistance at all is a great place to start off. These retirement communities usually have meals, medication reminders, housekeeping, and minimal assistance. The problem with these low maintenance facilities is that they will sometimes keep your parent beyond their scope of abilities. Your parent may end up becoming abused and neglected through a lack of training and equipment to handle an incontinent elderly person.

An assisted living facility that specialises in bathing adults, assistance in taking medication, picking them up and clothing them, along with on-site nurses is more expensive but often times very necessary when your parent gets to that point. By leaving someone at a facility that cannot handle their medical needs it is very easy for them to be neglected because they cannot remember or express the abuse they have received while there.

Take time to find a good care home or assisted living facility, that actually cares about your loved one and has the staff and equipment to handle their needs. Be sure to question the care home intently on a range of issues to get a greater understanding of the suitability of the venue, so you are on your way in making a wise informed decision on this important matter.

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