The Daily Routine of New York Jungian Psychologists

There are quite a good number of Jungian psychologists in New York City whose general work is helping individuals get more interested in themselves and finally achieve a better self-acknowledgement and comfort of appreciating the universe and nature just as they are. One could question what the New York-based Jungian psychologists do to make them different from other psychologists across America and the world at large. There is one key advantage that helps them steer through the complex industry, that is, the New York residents who are their main clients are considered very high functioning and elite. It is important to note that the Jungian psychologists, whether based in New York or elsewhere in the world, deal with regular clientele psychosis and not necessarily acute mental complications.  In New York Jungian psychologists affirm that sharing with individuals about emotional issues and having therapy sessions with them is more of interesting than boring as many people assume. However, they are clear of the fact that it is never possible to undertake the Jungian psychological therapy process for more than forty-eight hours in one week since it requires a high degree of powerful manifestation and total emotional and physical presence.

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If you ask one of the many successful Jungian psychologists operating within New York what they think of their daily routine in this demanding discipline, they are most likely to tell you that having one-on-one sessions with wide range of clients with different backgrounds, beliefs, behaviors and mindsets make them feel extremely satisfied in addition to helping them be more grounded in several elements of life. Most probably, you will hear from one of them this very famous quote “my work is my medicine.” But in as much as the Jungian psychology job in New York is full of fun and benefits, it also comes along with quite a number of challenges and drawbacks. According to the New York-based Jungian Psychologists, the biggest problem associated with the profession is that it is not such a scalable enterprise. In other words, unless you are able provide highest quality of psychology services in the city, it will be quite difficult to establish and maintain a private occupation. Additionally, Jungian psychologists normally sit with their clients for very long hours per session, which to the New York Jungian psychologists can bring about negative effects on their physical wellness and general health.

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