The Dangers of Home Detox from Heroin Addiction and How to Overcome Them

Are you a heroin addict and willing to kick the deadly habit? Do you believe you are ready to walk down the long path to freedom from this lethal addictive narcotic, but think it is something you can do at home on your own? If that is the case, then you need to read this write-up to the end.

Heroin Withdrawal and the Detoxification Process

Heroin is one of the most addictive narcotics or drugs in the world today, and getting clean from it can be a serious challenge. If you have made up your mind to become sober by undergoing detoxification, you may be considering several options, such as getting detoxed at home as against visiting a rehab center. On the face of it, detoxing at home appears to be more comfortable than undergoing the same process at a rehabilitation center. However, this may not be an excellent idea for you to go through the detox procedure on your own.

All cases of drug addiction that accompanies dependence on drugs begin with the detoxification process. This is the stage where the toxins in your body are eliminated. But in most cases, this could trigger withdrawal symptoms which could be very uncomfortable, especially when detoxing from heroin.

Why It is Dangerous to Attempt Detoxing at Home

Addicts to heroin can attest to the unpleasantness that comes with heroin withdrawal. This could even be so severe that dangerous tendencies may surface. The extreme discomfort and pain associated with heroin withdrawal push many individuals back to abusing the narcotic drug. No matter how determined you think you might be, you will eventually cave in to the cravings for heroin.

Side Effects of Heroin Withdrawal

The following are the common side effects linked with withdrawal from heroin:

  • Increased anxiety as a result of mental health problems
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Symptoms that look like flu which include fever, chills, and muscle pain
  • Fast pulse, enlarged pupils, and tremors

Conceivable Complications of Detoxing from Heroin at Home

You may have heard of the possibility of detoxing from heroin by yourself or even know one or two persons who actually succeeded in doing so. But that doesn’t mean you can do the same. This is because studies have shown how dangerous it is to detox by yourself and therefore, it is wise not to take unnecessary chances.

To begin with, if you suffer from previous health conditions, detoxing from the narcotic drug could aggravate them. For instance, people with high blood pressure that attempt to detox on their own without being monitored by a healthcare professional can trigger dangerous complications.

Secondly, even if you have no pre-existing health condition, it is still possible to incur life-threatening complications brought on by heroin withdrawal. For example, severe diarrhea and vomiting can ultimately result in electrolyte imbalances and dehydration. This situation can be disastrous. But when you detox at a rehabilitation treatment facility, you will be supervised, counseled, and advised accordingly.

Conclusion and Suggestion

On a final note, detoxing at home has shown to have an extremely high rate of failure. However, if you still prefer to be treated at home, you can find more information about home detox from heroin addiction here.

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