The Ultra Convenience of Modern Day Varicose Vein Treatment

Compared to most other medical procedures, varicose vein treatment is far more convenient. For most medical procedures, including out patient procedures, a person must take off at least a full day from work or school and often many more. Moreover, they spend several days, or even weeks, recuperating. In many cases too, a person must use significant vacation time (or personal time) or even give up wages, or lose a good job, in order to have a medical procedure.

With varicose vein treatment, the initial diagnostic procedures, usually involving a duplex ultrasound scan, takes less than an hour, including the wait time! It is completely painless, requires no preparation, and in fact, some people find the warm gel vein doctors use on the skin to actually be relaxing. In other words, this diagnostic test could potentially be done on one’s lunch hour so that little to no work time would need to be missed!

Another reason that varicose vein treatment is so convenient is the popular procedures involved usually take less than an hour to complete. In fact, some can be performed in under fifteen minutes! More importantly, there is very little to no recovery time needed. Therefore, the patient can usually go right back to work or continue on with their normal activities such as grocery shopping or picking the kids up from school. There’s no reason the patient can’t drive either after most varicose vein treatments!

There’s another big issue of convenience to consider. While there may be slight discomfort during these varicose vein treatments, these procedures very rarely cause any significant pain or trauma that would prevent a person from being able to focus clearly on work or other serious matters! The most pain that people have usually is the prick of a very thin needle when a laser appliance is inserted or a bit of stinging in their vessels when a sclerotherapy salt solution or foaming solution is introduced into a vein. These minor discomforts go away quickly and do not interfere with the rest of the patient’s day.

There are a few “no no’s” that patients, who undergo varicose vein treatment, are given. However, overall, there are extremely minor inconveniences for most patients. For example, patients are told not to take extremely hot showers or expose the area to very warm water in a hot tub or sauna but this is only true for a few days in most cases. They are instructed not to sun bathe or walk in the bright sunlight without covering the treated area with protective clothes. Obviously, these “no no’s” are not that big a deal and impact the patient’s life far less than most other medical procedures would entail.

Regarding special activities patients are told to do after their treatment, it is nothing that should inconvenience their life too much. For example, many patients are instructed to wear medical grade compression hose or stockings. However, these can be easily worn under clothes, including professional clothing or work uniforms. They are also usually told to take short walks every day. This is an activity that people should be doing regardless of whether or not they’ve had varicose vein treatment or any other medical procedure.

This ultra convenience that patients have come to expect in modern day varicose vein treatment wasn’t true fifteen to twenty years ago! Back then, the main type of varicose vein treatment was vein stripping. This involved cutting people open and surgically removing their varicose veins. Ouch! This procedure also involved a great deal of trauma to all the tissues surround the varicose veins. Ouch again! It was anything but convenient! It took a lot of time both for the procedure and especially for the recovery time. There was a great deal of pain involved for not just one day but several weeks! With vein stripping, there would have been no way a patient could have gone back to work or continued on with their regular routine after the treatment! We are so lucky to have new technology that allows varicose vein treatment to be so convenient and pain free!

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