Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Laser Engraver Machine

You need to research extensively before buying a laser engraver machine. That will enable you to make the right choice that will fit your company. Here are the key factors to consider before purchasing a laser engraver machine.

You are looking for a laser engraver machine that everyone in your company can operate. Otherwise, you will have to dig deep into your pocket to familiarize your workers with laser cutting Dallas services. It would be better if you bought a machine that your crew already knows how to operate. That will improve efficiency and motivate the crew that will handle the engraver. There are many factors that you need to consider before buying a laser engraver machine. You will find a wide array of engravers in the market. However, not all of them meet your company’s needs. Look for a model that fits your organization to enhance workplace efficiency and morale.

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Maintenance Cost

The first factor to consider before buying a laser engraver machine is the maintenance costs. Although some laser engraver machines are cheap, you might incur high charges for the maintenance. Look into how frequent you need to maintain the laser engraver machine. The longer it takes to service, the cheaper the maintenance.

Availability of Spare Parts

It is important to consider the availability of spare parts of the laser engraver machine to avoid downtime when it breaks down. No matter how efficient your machine works, there will come a time where you need to repair the worn-out parts. Ask yourself if you will be able to get spare parts quickly or you will wait for weeks for them to arrive. The longer you wait for the spare parts to arrive, the less the productivity.


The size of the laser engraver determines the size of the piece of metal that can fit in it. An engraver with a bigger bed will allow you to cut large pieces of metal. While some beds are fixed, others can move up and down. The cutting depth of an engraver doesn’t change. However, you can lower the bed to engrave a logo on a flat piece of leather.


Engineers measure the strength of the laser in Watts. The strength of the engraver plays a vital role in cutting. The focal point of the lens determines the thickness of a metal that a laser can cut. A powerful engraver allows you to cut thicker material faster and more reliably. A weaker laser will slow down your pace. Look for a laser with a bigger bed that will allow you to engrave multiple pieces of metal simultaneously.


Some laser engraver machines are really simple to operate and maintain. However, it takes high levels of knowledge and experience to maintain some laser engraver machines. Hiring a professional to look after your machine allows you to improve its efficiency and extend its lifetime. Outsourced repair and maintenance services can cost your company a lot of money. Therefore, look for a machine that is easy to operate and service.

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