Things you should know about Protein Powder

Using the right protein power will help to builda mass of muscle faster.

Heavy exercise makes your muscles stronger, and you will expect your muscles look bigger;but if you are doing heavy exercise and not taking proper food, the effect can be disappointing to you.

Proteins build muscles, they repair and rebuild damaged muscles, but not only that, protein controls a lot of critical functions of the body, and also it makes you feel fuller which limits your intake of fatty snacks and sweets.

Getting protein is not a difficult task though, you can get them in many food items which is enough for normal activities of life. But if you are into the gym and put a lot of hours in a workout and undergo heavy training, then your body will need much more amount of protein,and that is not so easy to get them from normal foods. It is recommended for a person who is trying to build muscle requires around 1.4 to 2 grams of protein on every kilogram of bodyweight each day. Getting 1.4 to 2 grams of protein would be impossible if you take nuts at your breakfast and breasts of a chicken on your lunch as well as your dinner. You need a lot more protein and to get that from normal food would be very expensive,and there is no way you can perfectly measure how much protein you are consuming per day

So, to reach your goal protein, protein powders are recommended. They are quickly consumed and are easy to make. Also, if you are under training, and after training time you want to eat something, protein powers are much easier to take than eggs and steak.

The problem these days is that there are too many options for protein powder available, which one should you choose for you. So, it’s a confusing situation.

Do you need protein powder?

People who are on any kind ofprogram might be weight exercise, cardio exercise, or even endurance training; you need much more protein than your regular need as suggested 55 grams per day. When you take powdered protein, your intake of protein becomes easier. Proteins that are fast-digesting increases your intake of protein. After training you won’t want to sit in a place and have a proper meal, rather you would like to have protein powder. On the other hand, slow-release proteins that need to be taken before bedtime, as the whole night when your muscle repair and rebuilds, these types of proteins will slowly release amino acids into the bloodstream.

But they are supplements, so take them as supplements, as the most of the protein you would need to gather from white and red meat and fish, which is the best way, as they also contain minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that are essential for good health.

Amount of protein power you should take

Around 30 grams should be taken as a serving. This is the amount of protein you need to repair damaged bone and muscles while training, and the start of protein synthesis in the muscle. It is also seen that if you consume high protein level food, your fat consumption reduces so that you won’t be bulky anymore, but big and strong.

When should protein be taken?

When your training for the day is over, you need protein powder the most. So, when you call it the end of the day for the training, in between 30 minutes take protein power which will start recovery by delivering an adequate amount of amino acids in your bloodstream and your recovery starts right then.

You can also take protein powders at other times. Sometimes if you have some work to do and can’t find time to eat any proper meal, you can take protein powders to help you stay energetic and full.

What are other things present in the protein powder?

Protein powders usually come with additional ingredients for supporting the person taking it to enhance and better their performances and recovery time. Following are some of the compounds:

  • Enzymes: Probiotics or enzymes makes the process of digestion easier by breaking down the specific compounds in the stomach.
  • Creatine: This is compounds formed during protein metabolism and are part of living tissues. They are responsible for supplying energy for contraction of muscles.
  • L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is the type of amino acid that body produces naturally. They help in high-intensity training such as weightlifting. They power the body cells.

Why protein powder tastes so bad?

For some people, it is so horrible that they said for nothing in the world they would submit their taste bud in such kind of torture again in their life. But this was in the past, nowadays there are tasty protein powers,and the taste levels of these powders have achieved a much high level. You can get the best tasting protein powder which won’t mess up with your taste bud,and you are going to love them.

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