Unique Halloween Hacks That Will Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Halloween is loaded with sugary treats and we all know they are bad for our teeth, but you can’t stop your children from enjoying a once in a year occasion designed almost exclusively for them. What you can do as a parent is get creatively in your approach to protect your child’s dental health and keep their teeth strong and healthy even with the Halloween treats that they eat.

Start planning your Halloween right with these unique Halloween hacks that will maintain your child’s sturdy and healthy teeth.

Don’t Give Out Candy Before Meals

One way to ruin their appetite for healthy meals is giving them candy or sweets before meals. You can start dinner time earlier, so they won’t skip a meal to go trick or treating. You can prepare fruit and vegetable slices, and pair it off with a few different dips, then decorate with Halloween-inspired colors to increase their appetite for good food.

Go Trick-or-Treating With Them

Every toddler or preschooler needs guidance from a responsible parent or guardian, but how about the pre-teens? If they’re too embarrassed to go trick-or-treating with an adult, ask someone older whom they trust to keep watch over the amount of sweets they eat or invite their friends over to eat at your home, so you’re sure about what kind of treats they consume.

Brush, Gargle and Floss Frequently

Late night trick-or-treating can cause children to fall asleep easily and forget to brush. This shouldn’t be the case in your home. Set a curfew for them so that they’re home in time to properly brush with good fluoride toothpaste, and a soft bristled brush. Then let them gargle with an alcohol-free mouthwash to remove stubborn bacteria and acid that can cause tooth decay. Use half a meter of floss to clean in between teeth and remove sticky food particles and clean hard-to-reach areas of your child’s teeth.


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Make Your Own Healthy Halloween Treat

It takes a smart and uniquely creative strategy to attract children to eat healthy treats during Halloween. Take a look at some recipes of Halloween-themed treats on Pinterest and make one for your own. You can even make up your own games to entice them into eating healthy treats. It’s all a matter of mixing creative thinking with proper dental advice to get your children to keep their teeth healthy.

Identify Better Sweet Choices

Better candy choices are also vanilla or chocolate covered pretzels or cheese biscuits. Sugar free gums are a guilt-free candy as well, but make sure they’re old enough to chew gum. Beverages like apple cider and organic juices are also a healthier option that will steer clear of any food allergies as well.

Follow these Halloween hacks and you won’t have to stress over your children playing trick-or-treat this Halloween.

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