Why Choose an E-Cig Over a Conventional Cigarette?

Over the past couple of decades, the number of awareness campaigns held to highlight the harmful effects of cigarettes have increased considerably. Despite the increase in awareness campaigns, millions of people continue to smoke on a daily basis. The global cigarette trade is worth trillions of dollars, and many people die from the problems caused by excessive smoke inhalation. Cigarettes contain millions of carcinogens that can eventually lead to cancer. In fact, according to a particular research study, almost all kinds of known cancers can be linked to cigarette smoking.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to quit smoking. For avid smokers, it can take months, even a year, to quit their smoking habit completely. Because the mind and body become so addicted to cigarettes, it is difficult to quit this dirty habit within a short period of time. Instead, a better option is to use an e-cigarette. An e-cig uses a vaporiser or an atomiser to vaporise the e-liquid within the container, which is then inhaled by the individual. Choosing an e-cig over a conventional cigarette offers a plethora of advantages that make it a better choice. Some of these advantages have been highlighted below.

Help in Breaking an Addiction

E-cigs offer your mind the nicotine that it craves, without the addition of thousands of other carcinogens and harmful substances found in standard cigarettes. Nicotine withdrawal can actually be deadly if you try to quickly wean off it. However, using e-cigarettes can help you curb your withdrawal symptoms by gradually reducing the strength of nicotine within the e-liquid. This gradual decline will help condition your mind to not rely on this harmful substance anymore.

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More Freedom

Ecigs in Australia are available through a number of retailers. You can even order a custom starter kit online that comes with all of the components that you need to start vaping. The good thing about vaping is the fact that it does not release any smoke. Not able to smoke in certain public areas and commercial buildings? You do not have to worry anymore. You can use your vape wherever you like. It simply releases a vapour that vanishes in the air within a second, and you do not even have to worry about passive smoking either. The greater freedom means that you do not have to worry about people looking at you with disapproving eyes anymore.

On top of all this, e-cigs offer you greater value at a lower price. The amount of lethal pleasure you derive from e-cigs really depends on you, but you should know that it is generally somewhat safer than a conventional cigarette according to almost every scientific research study.

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