Wound Care And The Right Type Of Medical Tape

The skin is the first line of defence for the body against infection and germ risks. It’s sensitive and needs tendering of the highest order to keep any dangers from harming the body further. For that reason, wound care becomes important and we have to find the right type of adhesive tapes to heal it in the quickest manner possible. Such tapes are created using different materials and have characteristics that aid in wound management. You can buy them from online stores or from an offline pharmacy and say goodbye to infection risks to the skin.

Here is how to choose the right type of medical tape –

1#     Strength

The tape must be powerful enough to support dressings and tubing of any scale. It has to secure many things onto the wound site, so strength matters a lot. You need to check whether tight materials are used in making of the tape. If the tape is delicate, it won’t be able to sustain medicine and tubing and this might delay the healing process.

2#    Breathable

While buying a medical tape, healthcare professionals and the general public must check whether the product is breathable. Which means, the tape has to have tiny pores to allow a healthy flow of air around the wound. This would prevent the site from suffocation and it then helps in quick healing. It thus matters whether a tape has pores and is breathable as wounds then can heal in a quick manner.

3#    Hypoallergenic

It’s advisable not to buy tapes that have traces of natural rubber or latex. Such products can cause allergy or can be allergic to doctors and patients alike. You should rather look to buy a type of medical tape that is hypoallergenic and does not contain latex in any amount. Only then can the risk of allergy be dealt with ease.

4#   Tailored to specific requirements

The tape you plan to buy would serve you better if it can be customized. Doctors must be able to tailor it to specific requirements together with using it for multiple purposes. Since wound sizes can vary from patient to patient, the tape then has to come with the feature to be tailored to serve us all well.

5#   Water resistance

Not even little drops of water should enter the wound site as they can cause the risk of infection. It’s therefore important to have a tape that is water resistant and does not allow infections to cause harm. You should never buy a tape that is not able to resist water else it won’t serve the purpose well.

6#    Easy to tear

High-quality tapes come with easy, straight and bi-directional tear. You can tear them with precision and serve different purposes with ease. More importantly, the ability to tear the tape easily makes then usable for a variety of purposes.

7#    Gentle to skin

And lastly, good tapes must be gentle to the skin to not cause any harm. The skin is sensitive and the tape applied on it has to be gentle to not cause irritation and pain of any kind.

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